I have written a Rant.

What is the Rant?

No one can be told what the Rant is. You have to see it for yourself.

Nothing that has gone before can prepare you for this Rant.

By using this preamble to shroud the Rant in mystery I am exploiting the rather obvious fact that you haven't already read it yet to the effect of making it seem more significant than it actually is. It's a sort of self fulfilling prophecy, but it's working.

Or is it?
By clicking the blue pill you can continue on your merry way without the weighty inconvenience of knowledge or self awareness and lead the happy life of a congenital idiot. By clicking on the red pill you can read the most incomprehensibly terrifying seven and a half thousand words of irate Giant Insect warblings that you will ever experience, but come away a wiser, taller and better dressed person.

All I am offering you is the truth.

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