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29/01/04 Ta-rant-ino
The 'criticism war' rages ever on in the letters page this week.

07/11/03 New Rant, Neurosis
"Cos it's Matrix night, and the feelings right. Yes it's Matrix night, what a load of shite."
Yes children, the final nail was hammered into the Matrix coffin this week and the Mantis has this eulogy to offer. Plus theres a new 'article' in the letters section.

10/05/03 Your Mate, My Mate, The Matrix
Theres a new The Matrix Reloaded rant from the Mantis in the rants section, as well as a second one in the letters section, which is accompanied by a counter rant to that rant - so thats three The Matrix Reloaded rants altogether. Bloody hell. I appear to have accidentaly contributed to the media blanket coverage through reverse psychology. Never mind, these things happen.

10/05/03The Mantis Goes Solo!
Read all about the Mantis' split from Spite Your Face Productions, and the court case that followed.

10/05/03 Mandatory Sycophantic Update News
As I can only assume you have already noticed, the Mantis has a new website. All the old favorites are still here, as well as a fresh new Animatrix rant. There's also a letters page and a whole bunch of other crap. I will misguidedly credit you with the intelligence to find these things on your own, so happy hunting.

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