Behold my obligatory collection of links to mortal activities on the web. Some of these pages are of genuine merit, others are listed because they are so bloody awful as to be amusing - but none of them have the slightest thing to do with me, and their content extends beyond my control. Enjoy.

Spite Your Face Productions Ltd.
This link is only here because it never ceases to amaze me just how deeply cretinous the corporate minded bastards that run this site really are, and I think it only fair that you share in experiencing their crapulance.

The Memory Hole
A collection of humans striving to rescue the lost or 'altered' slices of world news that would otherwise be swallowed up by time. As fascinating as it is important.

The Fire This Time
The true history of 'Gulf War 1' captured in a soundscape of newsclips and music and put to CD for your edutainment. It is essential that all of your kind hear this. Go there now!

Some of the Corpses Are Amusing
An exhaustive and highly amusing mix of revisionist history and critical analysis of the state of modern comedy, from two very clever humans who care deeply about what they are doing, and who are always right. Except possibly about Spaced.

Six Months That Changed a Year
Some past tense, but by no means dated comedic writings from Mr's Iannucci and Morris. This remains the most acurate analysis of political activities your media has had to offer in the past two years. Essential reading.

Real Ultimate Power
Something to do with Ninjas. Nothing more than the uneducated ramblings of a child. Or is it?

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