Many moons ago the Earth was unified under the banner of a single great human civilisation with technology far in advance of your own. On the surface this megalithic civilisation seemed a peaceful, just and free society, but its cinema and visual media culture revealed the hypocracy and conflict inherent within. Driven finally to despair by the true state of civilisation, I, the Atlantis Mantis, once sworn protector of said Empire was forced to reduce the cities to rubble for your own good.

Now I live again, casting judgement on your shambolic society with my segmented giant insect eye! Your culture reveals to me, oh humans, the folly of your race - so be warned! Sort out your cinema and popular culture or I shall get really really peeved and DESTROY YOU ALL, just to teach you a lesson!

These vulgar ramblings are all that stand between you and absolute destruction!

The latest updates from everyones favourite harbinger of the apocalypse.

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