Hannibal Lecture

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good nibble on a human, thus the idea of watching pathetic homosapeans nibbling on each other was one which filled me with delight. So it was I rampaged off to see Wobbley Scott's Hannibal, but imagine my horror when this nuttella inspired sequel to the egg induced suspense drama 'The Silence of the Limbs' contained almost very little cannibalism indeed.

Mr Lecter, the said 'cannibal' of the film, ate no one - not even the parts of people. In fact the character played by Tarka Leotta was more of a cannibal in that not only did he eat part of a human, but it was he from whom the part came. Even the boy at the end was more of a cannibal, as he tried some of Mr Leotta as well.

I believe that in subsequent sequels to the 'Limbs' movies, of which many will no doubt follow, Mr Lecter should have his name changed from 'Hannibal the Cannibal' to 'Hannibal the slightly portly and sinister in a corner at night or on an overcast sort of day, when most old folks are in due to an unprecedented fear that it may drizzle, the annoying type that doesn't appear to be there, but gets you soaked, as opposed to the straight drizzle of the small rain variety, thus possibly giving them a chill, so leaving the center of the town eerily creepy' Lecter. I believe this a small but significant change and one that would better serve the ambience of the series as a whole.

Well, I am going back to my watery chamber now, where I am going to watch Wing Commander again to try and find out why there are so many cockneys involved, and why Freddie Prinze Jr looks so much like a Mogwai.

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