Damp Rising

Memories of glorious Atlantis falling pathetically into the sea inspired me to complete my viewing of the 'Deep' Trilogy (Deep Impact, Deep Blue Sea) with Deep Rising.

This 'film' is best described as 'Titanic with an Octopus instead of Leonardo Decaprio', and stars Famke Janssen and a host of other stars/nobodies you cant quite place and who you don't care enough about to figure out what you've seen them in.

It tells the tale of a disfigured Han Solo bootleg-toy of a man, dressed as Jackson Pace, who is pilot not of the Millennium Falcon, but of Blue thunder. Anyway, he is carrying the Terrorists of all nations (British terrorist, Aussie terrorist, Black terrorist etc) possibly the finalists in the 'Mr Terrorist' competition. Lead by the ugly evil one off Last of the Mohicans, they all have a nuclear bomb each, which they plan to use to blow up a Titanic style cruiser - so that they will make lots of money. Anyway, the giant Octopus gets there first and everyone spends the rest of the film hiding behind things while trying to figure out why the film can afford such a good octopus when the rest of the film is so shite. It's like watching one of the monsters off Jurrasic Park traipsing around the set of Howard's Way. Very strange film. Interesting in a way, but crap in most others.

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