This site is dedicated to the memories of the thousands of innocent lives which were lost during the event which has come to be known as the 'Death Star Attack'. The following passages will attempt to answer some of the outstanding questions which still surround this event, and hopefully take us a step closer to understanding what REALLY happened that day.

Let me start by saying that I have been bought up to believe in the principles upon which the Empire is built, and upon the notion of peacable Galactic unification - and that like every citizen of the Empire, I watched on with a mixed sense of horror and despair as the terrible events of that day unfolded.

But as I watched this symbol of imperial power scatter across the heavens like a sea of stars, I came to realise the true significance of this event, and I came to realise that the time has finally come to face up to the truth. The truth that the citizens of the Empire have for a long time been deceived, and that our Emperor is lying to us.

. The Empire constitutes only 4% of the Galaxies population, yet we use over 60 to 75% of its resources.

. Imperial foreign policy is the worst in the Galaxy, especially concerning the so called 'Outer Rim Territories' where most of the Empires moisture is harvested, but where over 90% of the population live below the poverty line.

. The Emperor has repeatedly stated that Mon Mothma and the Rebel Alliance could/do/might or will have weapons of planetary destruction and that they could/might/have/will use them. The Empire, however, is known to have weapons of planetary destruction and is the only power ever to have been known to use them on a populated planet.

All these reasons and more could have provoked the Rebel Alliance to strike against the Death Star, especially as many of the movements leaders are known to be connected with a fanatical religious order known as the Jeh-di, who believe in the notion of a 'force' which binds all living things.

So did, as the Imperium would have us believe, the Rebel Alliance really launch an unprecedented attack upon the Death Star and the peoples of the Empire, or was there more to this event than meets the eye?

Part 1

The closer one looks at the details of this event, the more apparent discrepancies one uncovers. For instance, within only 17 minutes of the 'second run' of the Death Star 'trench' being first broadcast on GNN, Moff Jerjerrod came forward with a list of the names of those 'most suspected' to be directly responsible for the attack. At the top of this list was, of course, the individual who the Emperor has come to refer to as "the atrocity Luke Skywalker". In the days that followed a media blanket began to cover events and the 'suspect' Luke Skywalker became the 'known perpetrator' Luke Skywalker, despite no official investigation taking place.

In the following months the name Luke Skywalker has become synonymous with 'evil' and political extremism, and his name has been dropped repeatedly to justify taking war to the Outer Rim Territories. But let us not forget that, to this date, there has only ever been one piece of evidence connecting Luke Skywalker with the Death Star attack. That evidence, which could easily be falsified, came in the form of a supposedly intercepted transmission from the Rebel base to the pilot of the craft which made the second run and destroyed the Death Star. A transcript of this recording follows.

1st Voice: His computers off. Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What's wrong?
2nd Voice: Nothing, I'm all right.

Does the Emperor really expect us to believe that the second fatal attack on the Death Star was made by some caricature of a religious extremist using MAGIC to guide his craft? This to me sounds like the contrived workings of some big movie writer. Furthermore, if they were able to intercept this transmission, then why has commander in chief Lord Darth Vader yet to locate the hidden Rebel Base?

The Emperor promised the people that "The big evil bastard Luke Skywalker" would be found and bought to trial within weeks of the event. But, despite the Emperors promise to "wipe them out, all of them" and after two years of almost constant blanket bombing and extensive surface raids of the Hoth caves, no signs of Luke Skywalker have apparently surfaced.

So who is this Luke Skywalker, and what do we really know about him? Rumors tell us that he practices the ancient teaching of the Jeh-di, and that he was born to a family of simple moisture farmers on a little known planet called Tatooine in the furthest most extremities of the Outer Rim Territories. What is interesting about the name Skywalker, however, is that it is shared with a certain Anakin Skywalker, a figure about whom few records exist. What little we do know is that Anakin Skywalker, also a Jeh-di, received military training from an Old Republic facility at a time when Emperor Palpatine was still Senator Palpatine. There is record that he spent time on Tatooine and there are alleged connections between Skywalker and Lord Darth Vader. Could Luke Skywalker be connected in some way to this 'Anakin Skywalker' character who received training from our own leaders, or could they indeed be one and the same?

And what of the other characters involved in the attacks?

Princess Leia Organa, a suspected Alliance leader, was being kept for interrogation inside the Death Star only seven hours before the attacks. The media would have it that a small group of 'terrorists' infiltrated the Death Star and successfully liberated the princess within a space of a little over twenty minutes. The 'terrorist' band numbered only six, and yet managed to successfully infiltrate and escape a heavily protected Imperial instillation in that amount of time? Sounds pretty fanciful to me! Furthermore, remarkably few pictures of these terrorists were captured by the security cameras. The first of only two publicly released photos shows a man who has been identified as Han Solo, a known felon and suspected arms trader, recognised to have ties with crime king Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba the Hutt resides on Tatooine, the obvious implication here being that Han Solo is affiliated with "the complete and utter git Luke Skywalker", who it is claimed the second of the two pictures depicts. However Jabba the Hutt is also known to have had dealings with the Empire and even Lord Darth Vader through a mutual connection with one Boba Fett.

The more you look at this situation, the more the same names keep cropping up. The whole thing is to tidy a package to be as straight forward as it initially appears.

Part 2.

At 8.45 am (Galactic Core time) The first proton torpedoes were fired against the Death Star but failed to destroy the station.

"It didn't go in, just impacted on the surface": Cliff Nooney, Exhaust Port Expert.

That was the official line from the Empire. The pictures below show the results of the first impact as captured by the Death Star's internal monitors.

As you can see, the impact resulted only in a brief shuddering across sections nearest the hull, and in the destruction of one vending machine. When the second proton torpedoes were fired at 9.03 am, however, there was a gap of twenty three seconds before the Death Star was so famously annihilated. The official explanation for a station of that size being atomized in what was all but an instant, was offered in a special GNN (Galactic News Network) report the evening after the attacks. The pictures below are taken from a computer simulation of the attack which featured in said program.

The animation featured in the program was based upon the actual schematics for the Death Star, the very same schematics a copy of which were supposedly stolen by Bothan terrorists connected with the Rebel Alliance from the Imperial Library on Coruscant.In other words, the schematics shown here are precisely those supposedly used by the Rebel Alliance to orchestrate their attack. The animation shows us that the terrorist ship, piloted by 'that cunt Luke Skywalker" made a suicide run down the 'Death Star trench', a shallow valley that runs along the stations center. The terrorists knew from the stolen schematic, apparently, that this fragile equatorial line was the stations weak point and that a well placed proton torpedo down the exhaust port at the trenches westerly most point would explode the central core, shattering the structural integrity that supports the 'trench', bringing the two hemispheres crashing into each other and ultimately incinerating the entire station. In the animation we are shown that the structural integrity of the entire construction, and most of the stations power centers lie along this trench. Most significant amongst these is the positioning of the area dubbed the 'eye' along said epicenter, a huge man made crater that apparently draws in most of the stations power from space.

However, in this picture of the Death Star only seconds before its destruction, taken from the initial reports broadcast on the day of the attack, we can clearly see that the 'eye' is lined above the trench, about one third of the way into the stations northern hemisphere.

Why this huge discrepancy between the official schematics and the apparent actual structure of the station? It's one thing to deviate from the original plans in the construction of a space station, it's quite another to keep those alterations an apparent public secret. Why do this? One has to ask whether or not we have been misinformed as to exactly how the Death Star was destroyed, and furthermore about the true function of this 'eye' and indeed the Death Star its self.

The Emperor said of the Death Star "It is our first and last front line galactic defense against the threat of terror and evil and stuff. Any opposition to unilateral galactic harmony will feel the true power of this fully armed and operational symbol of peace." But the truth about the Death Star is that most of the materials used in its construction have come from Trade Federation subsidiaries based in the region of Geonosis, a planet that is home to the largest weapons manufacturer in the galaxy. If we open our minds to the idea that this 'eye' may in fact be some sort of elaborate weapon, what effect does that have upon the other discrepancies surrounding the attacks?

I have drawn up the diagram below using other Imperial war machines and the basic principles of superlaser cannon technology as a model, to depict how a superlaser cannon would look if installed into the Death Star, with an inset detail describing its connection to the central power core.

If we assume that the 'eye' is an enlarged version of the field-generator-wells familiar to all standard superlaser cannons, then based on its size and position in relation to the equatorial trench it would look something like the above cross-section. A superlaser cannon of that size would require a direct power feed from the stations reactor core via a solar ionization reactor, which in turn would require several miles of power amplification systems and a power distribution shaft with polarized exit points.Such an array would be completely concurrent with the official explanation of how the Death Star was destroyed, providing an explanation for the intsalation of an exhaust port running directly to the stations epicenter - a design element that might otherwise seem a bit daft. Furthermore, if as we suggest, there were a solar ionization chamber between the north exit and the central reactor core - then any proton torpedo entering from the north end (such as one did) would have to pass through or impact with said chamber. Either event would result in immediate protonic ionization and the neutralizing of the proton torpedo. This, of course, offers an explanation for why the torpedo from the first attack had next to no effect upon the structural integrity of the station, but does not immediately explain why a second attempt at ostensibly the same stunt was so successful. Furthermore, the installation of a superlaser cannon on board the station would have a dramatically altering effect upon the way in which the station came apart. What we would be looking for to corroborate our theory, is an explosion that projects a completely even distribution of fragments, but for one dominant 'flare' projecting outwards from the direction of the 'eye' array. The sequence of pictures below were taken from the now famous footage of the Death Star exploding, as shown on the same GNN special report, three days after the event. Said footage is now banned from being repeated as a mark of 'respect'.

As you can see, the sequence clearly shows that the central reactor core shatters first, creating a clearly visible shockwave in every direction over a parallel plain, with the two hemispheres collapsing and exploding a split second later - completely concurrent with the official story. In light of this, surely we have to abandon our 'superlaser cannon' theory. Well, no. The pictures below also depicts the destruction of the Death Star, however these pictures were taken from the very first GNN bulletin only 15 minutes after the event took place.

Clearly a completely different explosion. In these pictures we see a uniform explosion, but for a distinctly taller body of fire emanating towards the top right of the picture from the location of the 'eye', completely concurrent with our theory. These pictures, captured in the moments immediately proceeding the tragedy, have never been repeated. The previous, far more familiar pictures featuring the 'shockwave' have clearly been doctored or 'digitally remastered' in some way. Is history being 'improved' under our very noses?


So what really happened that day? I will tell you.

Seven weeks before the attacks, supreme control over the Death Star was given by the trade federation consolidates to one Lord Darth Vader under a contract that gave complete insurance cover against terrorist damage. Seven weeks later "the abominable Luke Skywalker", a man clearly related to Darth Vader in some way, is seen inside the death star along with 'Princess' Leia Organa, the 'terrorist' responsible for leaking inaccurate schematics to the rebel alliance and Han Solo - a man who shares alleged underworld connections with Darth Vader. Only a few hours after that "Luke Skybastard" leads two successive attacks upon the Death Star, the first of which fails to produce any serious collateral damage, but the second of which apparently neutralizes the entire facility. The only survivor of the tragedy, besides the Alliance, is Lord Darth Vader.

In short, Vader and the Empire conspired with 'puppets' inside the foreign terrorist fractions to destroy the Death Star in a precise manner that ensured them absolutely no loss of capital, but which had the maximum emotional effect upon the public as an illustrative strike against the sanctity of their Empire at a time when the Emperor is seeking to revive his plan for the so called 'Star Wars' initiative.

Such a suggestion may come as a shock to a patriot of the Empire, but you have to look at the facts. Just think about the name 'Death Star'. Why would you put the word death in front of somethings name unless you planned to use it for death. If you think about it, its really quite an evil name for a seemingly innocuous thing.

I take no pleasure in saying this, but the facts speak for themselves. Our Empire is evil, The Emperor is evil, he built a big space gun and called it the Death Star and now he is trying to take over the universe with his Star Wars campaign. In a speech one month after the attacks, the Emperor said publicly,
"Do not underestimate the power of decency. We will build a new Death Star in place of the old one, a bigger, better and rounder Death Star."

To what end? In the Hoth raids our Empire utilized over forty AT-AT walkers, and over three hundred AT-ST's. What good are walkers in finding a guy in a cave? And when was the last time anyone saw Alderaan on the news?

Our Empire has bought the moisture farming communities in the Outer Rim Territories to the brink of collapse, and handed their people to tyrants, and now our Emperor is leading us into war. Not a war about freedom or liberty, but a war about MOISTURE! This is a sad day for the Empire, but it will be a day long remembered.

Next Week: Who shot first? Han, Greedo, or was there a third gunman?

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